Associate Software Engineer (Japan)

--Brain Station 23 Ltd.--

Brain Station 23 Ltd. is offering a job opportunity for Junior Developers to join Business Architects Inc. as Associate Software Engineer. Here you will get an opportunity to work in Japan with our intense engineers to develop applications as well as will able to solve various clients’ queries, requirements for both local and foreign projects.
To maximize personal power, we will organize Best member for each project. Therefore, there is no team with Permanent member. Since different roles and abilities are required Depending on the project in charge of each person, we will Rather optimize employees by judging experience and qualifications Than to be bound by the type of work. We request that each staff member understand and respect each other’s abilities, demonstrate their role and abilities on a project-by-project basis, and provide superior customer satisfaction. In addition, depending on the career plan you envision, you may aim to become a professional person. Resources who have a higher degree with a limited role, or you may aim to be a leader-type human resource who can demonstrate a variety of skills.

N.B. The selected candidate will initially do 6 months Training, after that, they will get a chance to work with
Business Architects Inc (Japan).


Front-end engineer

This is the position to build a website that is easy for users to use by mastering related technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress.

- Website development using HTML / CSS / JavaScript.

- Implementation of CMS.

- Linkage and utilization of various APIs of existing services.

- Server-side development such as PHP.

- Implementation of tests.

- Document creation.

- Collaboration with designers and back-end engineers etc.

Back-end engineer

This position is in charge of overall website system development, including server-side and database design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

- System proposal / design / construction / maintenance / operation mainly using AWS.

- Web server / DB server performance tuning.

- Efficiency of maintenance, operation and monitoring.

- Survey / verification / proposal / implementation required for automation etc.

Must Have

Candidate must possess excellent programming & analytical skills.

Candidate must have good database concepts.

Good communication skills in English language.

Flexible attitude and a knowledge-thirsty mind.

Team working skills.

Able to work within deadlines.

Educational Requirements

B. Sc. in Computer Science or Software Engineering from any reputed university / Equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

Candidates who have participated in ACM/UVa are encouraged to apply.

Candidates who have participated in various Software/IT competition are also encouraged to apply

Preferred Skills and Certification:

Japanese: Equivalent to N3 level or higher when coming to Japan.

Experience Requirements

0-1 Year



Job Type

Full Time


1,62,000 In BDT

Job Catagory



Bonus: Yes (Twice a year)

Trial period: 6 months

Social insurance: complete

Transportation expenses: provided

There is more welfare system 


Holidays: Every Saturday and Sunday, national holidays, year end and New Year holidays, etc.
Paid leave: Yes

                         Working hours:

Miyazaki Branch: 9:00 - 18:00 (including 1 hour break) 

  Head office: 10:00 - 19:00 (including 1 hour break)


                                                                     6F Ichigo Mita building,5-13-18 Shiba,Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0014,Japan


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